Health Report

A free, public, online system that summarizes the physical, environmental, and financial health of a property. Creates public transparency and accountability around property ownership and safety.
How do you tell the difference between a property that has active lead paint hazards and one that has completed lead abatement? How can you tell if the home you are considering buying or renting for your family has unresolved code violations? When one landlord operates under three different LLCs, how do you know if you are moving into another building owned by the same person who manages the property you live in now?
For every multi-family property in Lewiston, different stakeholders — owners, inspecting agencies, the municipality, the county, the state — hold pieces to this puzzle. The Property Health Report (PHR) partners with these data owners and brings all of this information together, creating an accessible report that helps potential renters and buyers understand the health and hazards of Lewiston’s downtown housing stock. On a property-by-property basis, users of this free public system can access information about maintenance, liens, code violations, lead paint abatement orders, valuations, and ownership, including showing the business operators for all LLCs.
Images above are for demonstration purposes only and do not represent current housing data.
The free summary report includes a property grade, lead status, number of known issues, and whether the property is registered with the city. Potential buyers can purchase a more detailed report to aid in estimating rehabilitation and ownership costs.

The PHR is currently under development.