Healthy lives start at home.

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Aging urban homes can harm families.

But they don’t have to.

Hazards such as lead paint and pest infestations can seem insurmountable—but simple, preventative measures greatly reduce these risks.

Unfortunately, landlords and tenants alike often lack access to the resources and education they need to keep homes safe until after a child has already been harmed.

Our programs engage landlords and tenants in proactive acts of shared stewardship, building practical skills, collaborative relationships, and healthy homes.

Step one:

Rest easy.

A healthy life starts with a good night’s sleep.

Our flagship Build-a-Bed program gives participants in need the opportunity to volunteer for 20 hours in our bed factory, where they learn basic woodworking and hand tool skills in a collaborative, community-oriented environment.

Upon completion, they’ve mastered 20 new skills and built a brand new bed for themselves. We deliver and set up their new bed, complete with a new mattress and bedbug encasement, where it stands as a daily testament to their creative potential and ability to improve their own life.

Community partners and program volunteers produce surplus beds, which we sell to cover the program’s costs. Every bed sold sponsors a scholarship for one Build-a-Bed participant.

Step two:

Roll up your sleeves.

Taking care of a home isn’t easy or intuitive — especially if your home is over 50 years old. We work in Lewiston, ME, where over two-thirds of the downtown housing was built before 1940. This presents unique challenges, including widespread lead paint and the dangerous dust it creates, as well as vulnerability to pests.

Our programs give tenants and landlords the education, skills, confidence, and resources they need to take proactive care of aging homes.

Step three:

Do it together.

We believe that landlords and tenants are natural partners, mutually invested in the health of the property they share. Our programs identify sources of friction, find root causes, and provide opportunities for both parties to collaborate and engage in practical solutions.

Our Healthy Homeworks network also includes service providers, nonprofits, and local government agencies who share our vision of shared stewardship.

By bringing together members of the broader community to share ideas, optimize resources, and leverage economies of scale, we hope to create a thriving, collaborative network that believes healthy homes are the building blocks of a healthy community.

Buy a bed that helps someone sleep well.

Our Earn-a-Bed volunteers learn woodworking skills while building their own new beds, which come complete with a new mattress and bedbug encasement. We fund the program by selling surplus beds. They’re made of solid Maine pine, built with love by volunteers.


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